Brad Lapsley President of The Cemetery Association
The Group
The Group minus the Bogdans

Andrew-Julia-Roxanne Bogdan
Andrew, Julia, and
Roxanne Bogdan

Blake Bottlinger
Blake Bottlinger
Transplanting a Tree

William Jowers
Willaim Jowers hanging the Wreath

Davis Bottlinger
David Bottlinger


Clean-up Days at the Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery

In preparation of the May 26th Memorial Day Observation, Cemetery Association of Murphy, Inc. members and community volunteers converged on the Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery bright and early Saturday, May 19th to spruce up the grounds. The final weed-eating and sweeping of the markers, conducted by the youth of the Latter Day Saints Church - Ward 5, was done on the Wednesday prior to the event.

A major cemetery clean-up is conducted twice a year; one prior to Memorial Day and the other during the winter months.

Because of drought conditions this past summer many of the shrubs and two trees in the front flowers beds died. Julia Baldwin, former member of the Murphy Garden Club, took on the project of replanting more hardy plant choices.

Picnic tables received repair and new paint by the Latter Day Saints youth and concrete stands for flags were also made by the youth.

Prior to the public events at the cemetery, David Bottlinger, graciously treats the grounds for fire ants and chiggers for the comfort of our participants and attendees.

The Cemetery Association of Murphy, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the historic Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery in Murphy, Texas.