Brad Lapsley President of The Cemetery Association


Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery receives a sprucing up

A huge turnout on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at the Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery enabled a swift clean-up of the grounds and tree removal. The volunteer count of 40 included approximately eight families from the Plano Ladder Day Saints Church, five students from Collin College Service Learning Group and Cemetery Association members Brian Craft, William Jowers, Will Cottle, Lolisa Laenger, Shelly Bottlinger, Marcia Jowers, Roxanne Bogdan and Blake Bogdan.

Thanks to Brian Craft's expertise in tree removal and the use of his equipment, the group was able to remove a tree that had fallen during the winter freeze and then suffered summer storm damage. An additional damaged tree along the north tree line was also removed. Several volunteers drug and carried the downed tree limbs to the double gate, cut them up in smaller pieces and stacked the debris for pickup by the City. Other volunteers cleaned out the flower beds, pruned the crepe myrtle trees, swept markers, planted Daffodil bulbs and weed eated. Torn and damaged military flags were also removed from graves.

It was a beautiful day for working in the cemetery and the cemetery is now on "automatic pilot" until spring when the mowing and weed eating will resume in preparation of the Memorial Day Observance at the historic cemetery.