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Front Gate Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery
Front Gate
Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery

Forms to Help Support The Cemetery Association of Murphy, Inc.

If you would like to help support the Cemetery Association of Murphy, Inc. preserve the Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery, please click on one of the forms below. You may also make a donation or purchase a book by Clicking Here. Thank you for your support!

Adopt a Monument Donation Form Membership Application
Adopt a Monument Donation Form Membership Application

How you can help preserve this Murphy Landmark

The Cemetery Association of Murphy, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (C) 13 cemetery organization, that depends on membership dues, donations, grants and the volunteer work of the membership to maintain the Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery.

There are several ways you can help with the preservation and restoration of this abandoned historic cemetery.

  1. Become a member. Regular membership dues are $30 and are due in January of each year. Because our membership is small, you can understand dues alone do not support the CAM's efforts.Click Here to join the Cemetery Association

    The majority of our membership is over 60 years old. Even the oldest members come out and help with labor intensive projects - which there are many. We need your help. CAM actively seeks new members to carry on the preservation and restoration projects slated for the cemetery. We hope you will find this a worthwhile cause and join us in maintaining the Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery.

  2. Donations. We hope for donations from the community and family members of the buried - both monetary and projects completed. Lowe's responded with their Community Heroes program and installed several sections of fencing, gate and raised flower beds at the entrance of the cemetery. Private donations from members paid for the arched sign above the gate.Click Here to donate to the Cemetery Association

    Classic Gardens & Landscape supplied labor and planting materials for the gravesite flowerbeds and the large flowerbed at the South side of the cemetery. Several Scout troops have made a project of repairing markers and picnic tables.

    Whatever you can give financially or in the form of an enhancement for the cemetery, CAM will be most grateful. Any donation is 100% tax deductable.

  3. Grants. Each year we are hopeful that we will receive a grant from the Collin County Historical Commission. But there is no guarantee that their generosity will include our cemetery because many apply for a grant. We thank the Collin County Commissioner's Court for making possible the funding for awarded grants.

  4. Volunteers. At present two faithful members, Will Cottle and Brad Lapsley (both past presidents) mow the cemetery. This is a never ending challenge. In addition the use of weed-eaters, debris removal, flower bed maintenance and regular maintenance are several ways volunteers can be helpful.

  5. There are many ways to help that only involve time and willingness.