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The Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery In the News


In Memory of Inez Sarver Daniel
4/20/1914 - 3/27/2012

Old Entrance Gate to
Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery Uncovered

During a clean-up session at the historic Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery on Saturday, Oct. 6th, members of the Cemetery Assoc. of Murphy began uncovering and up righted the left side of the old double gate that functioned in the late 1800's at the original south entrance to the cemetery.

Cemetery Clean Up 10-06-12  Old Entrance to Gate Uncovered

Pictured in the brush by the gate are Kent Bogdan, William Jowers and Steve Richards.
Blake Bogdan stands next to up righted gate.

South Gate Entrance  Kent Bogdan, William Jowers and Steve Richards  Blake Bogdan

Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery Vandalized

The Cemetery Association of Murphy, Inc. recently received a grant from the Collin County Historical Commission to repair twelve (12) deteriorated markers in the Decatur-Maxwell-Murphy Cemetery.

The Association hired professional Drake Peddie to clean and repair the selected markers. Mr. Peddie returned to the cemetery on Sunday, October 6th to complete work on the last three of the twelve selected markers and noticed that some of his earlier work and a few other markers he had not worked on had been vandalized. A police report was filed with the Murphy Police Department.

The first known burial in this historical cemetery was in 1853. The cemetery is currently owned by the Cemetery Association of Murphy, Inc. and is located behind the new Central Park and the PISD Warehouse. The membership of this Association is comprised of just a few active members; most over the age of 55 and two are over the age of 80. These members have taken on the responsibility of maintaining and preserving one of Murphy's oldest historical sites. It is disheartening that the time and money spent to restore these markers has been so callously wasted by vandals who no doubt found it "fun" to disgrace the resting place of some of Murphy's earliest pioneers.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact Officer Marion Neale at the Murphy Police Department.

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